Take Junk bases the price on the amount of space your junk takes up in our truck. We’re able to give you an estimate once we see your junk and get a better understanding of your junk removal needs. Our estimates include labor and taxes. To get an estimate on your junk removal, let’s set up a time to examine your stuff. We’ll be transparent and upfront with you from the start. Call 1-844-825-3586

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Junk Removal Done At A Reasonable Rate

With Take Junk, you don’t need to fear that you’ll be overcharged or have to deal with last minute hidden costs.  We’re upfront about pricing every time and make sure you know what to expect.  We’d be happy to discuss pricing with you on your specific removal project.  Just give us a call to go over everything. Call 1-844-825-3586

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Transparent Pricing Every Time.


Junk Removal Pricing